Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Preparing for Halloween . . .

I started digging out some of the Halloween and Fall decorations over the weekend.

While we were shopping on Saturday I bought some of these little pumpkins that are so cute. I used to grow these all the time and then one year I forgot to save some seeds! I'm not too sure whether these ones have been treated to the extent that the seeds would be no good or not. Once the season is over I'll maybe have to investigate and see what the seeds actually look like inside.

I dug around in the basement until I found a basket that would work for a little display for the table and also found a bagful of pinecones, fabric leaves and other little Fall decorations.
All the stores are full of Halloween treats and costumes, so it must be time to get into the swing of the season and start the decorating. We even managed to get the Fall wreath on our freshly painted "red" door and it looks fantastic!
Once it comes down it will be time for the Christmas wreath - too soon to think about that just yet.

The little ghosts and pumpkins are so adorable! My daughter and I cut these out and painted them a few years ago - you really appreciate these kind of decorations every year when you bring them out - they have little memories attached to each and every one of those little faces.

I'm almost ready to send my little "secret" project away - hopefully by Friday and then it will be time to sit back and bite my nails until I find out what the outcome will be. I've been very busy with computer work, paint samples and little flowers. My snowmen are watching from not too far away - taunting me to come over and sew their faces and hats in place. Hopefully I'll be able to make some time for my little snowguys this weekend! It's either that or rake leaves - guess what I REALLY want to do?

Until next time . . .


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Vivian Love said...

Cute decorations. I can't believe Halloween is just about here! Where does the time go?