Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Back to Basics . . .

I'm sewing again!

On Saturday, the quilt club I belong to had a quilt workshop to make a "dilly bag", but Ramona (another member) and I decided we wanted to to do something different. Both of us had a copy of the December/07 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting and decided that we wanted to make the Season's Greetings bag on page 71, by Sherri Falls of "This and That". Ramona had actually ordered the kit which included all the fabrics as shown in the magazine. I wasn't that organized so had to do some digging around and came up with some leftovers from a Bound to Prairie quilt I had made last year (plus a couple of other prints).

I'm quite pleased so far with the results and I love the colors. The magazine shows the bag hung on the front door with Christmas greenery spilling out of it - very nice!

I have all the blocks sewn together and am ready to start quilting the top. This needs done before the bag is joined and the top and bottom pieces added.

But, . . . I started another project also . . .

Remember the previous post about Randy buying me some fabric . . . well I got the pattern written to the point where I could start testing it out and it is working wonderful!

(So far . . .)

As of this morning when I left for work, all the blocks are done and the centre plain squares are cut and two of the corner triangles are in place. The actual pattern is going to have applique added but this is the test part of the base quilt, plus I don't think what I have in mind for the applique would look very good on these Christmasy colors
It is going to be such a warm and cozy Christmas gift for my mother-in-law - she can't help but like it! I can think of a couple of more people on my Christmas list that would like one of these
. . . how many more weeks 'till Christmas?
'til next time,

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