Sunday, 18 November 2007

Cleaning up . . .

Sometimes it is just enough! Enough mess, enough stuff laying around, enough with the UFOs!

And then you get unwanted help - what is it with cats and quilts - I think they smell the comfort or something.

I had just started to sew the binding onto this Judy Niemeyer quilt and along comes Shadow to plunk herself in the middle so that I can't maneuver the binding around all the wonderful scalloped edges that I need to. She doesn't look too happy to be having her picture taken either - that is the evil glare look.

This is a quilt that I made for my wedding, sent it out to be hand quilted and then it stayed in the bag for the past 8 years! Luckily I was bright enough to put the binding fabric away in the same bag so I was able to make the bias binding from coordinated fabric.

So now I have the binding to hand sew on this wedding quilt, on the witch quilt and I still need to finish a couple of snowman faces for next Monday's quilt group block exchange. My fabric package that I ordered from cleared customs on Saturday, so I'm expecting the backing for my mother-in-law's quilt any day now. Lots of projects on the go! It's always nice to have things falling into place - good to see the end is nearing for at least a few projects.

Keep in touch and have a great day . . .

'til next time . . .


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