Thursday, 22 November 2007

Fabric, yummy . . .

It finally arrived . . .

my wonderful box full of fabric - what could be better! Who needs Christmas when you can find a most wonderful deal on fabric all by yourself? I guess it would be nice if someone else was paying the VISA bill next month . . . but, oh well, we can only wish for so much!
This stack of fabric is called Meadowbrook from Benartex - also in flannels. Isn't it wonderful? I purchased this to make a Maywood Studios pattern that is posted on their website - at least that was the plan . . . we'll see how that turns out. I do need to start working on my own designs again really soon - big plans are in the works and I need to start focusing on business again instead of all this fun I've been having for the past couple of weeks.

I now have the backing for my mother-in-law's quilt, so I will be able to get that all layered together and ready to quilt next week. Heading to Saskatchewan to visit family this weekend, so other than taking my big, big quilt (the one Shadow was sleeping on previously!) to hand sew the binding on, there will be nothing happening this weekend.
Good news came a little quicker than I was expecting - I mailed out my wonderful "surprise" package on the 5th of November and had the phone call the morning of the 20th!
So until I know more you'll stick with me, right?
I promise that as soon as things are finalized - you'll be the first to know!
Back to earth though . . . Monday is the first day of a four-day (government) convention in Brandon, so I'll be away at that, plus quilt group on Monday night - finished my blocks last night for the snowman/star block exchange we're doing.

I did get started on this naked little snow guy the other day, so we'll see how he comes along for one of the 2008 block exchange months - I think we do this exchange until April or May of 2008 - so I need to keep thinking of other blocks that will work. (his head really isn't cut off like that!)
Here is another piece of a block I've been working on . . . the turned edge technique from Southwind Designs - have a look for some of these patterns, they are quite fun to work on.

So far I have only played with this star, but the technique worked very nicely. This block will be handed in at quilt group to be used for the charity quilt that we will do after our block exchanges are all done. Everyone is supposed to hand in one or two blocks extra to be eventually made into a donation quilt for a charity not yet chosen.

I hope everyone is keeping busy and you don't have the snow covered ground that we have here in Manitoba . . . just means that I have to get used to all the cold temperatures again - I did pull out the old winter coat this morning . . . not very happy about that!

'til next time,

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