Thursday, 29 November 2007

Road trip continued . . .

Standing at the little dollhouse (see previous post), and looking South, you see lots and lots of these oil pumps. There is so much development and exploration going on in this region of Manitoba and through into Saskatchewan right now and in some areas this has been a common sight for quite a number of years. Everywhere you looked there was either new ones being put in or dozens and dozens already pumping away.

Question: If you pump stuff out of the earth, do you need to put something back to replace it so that the ground doesn't cave in? Oil is one of the many layers below us, so how does this really work?

Do I really need to know . . . probably not - just a thought!

As we were driving along my husband started laughing, something had struck his funny bone, - obviously I had missed something of interest! On the way back from Weyburn he stopped and showed me this sign - it kind of contradicts itself, don't you think?

Wonder who Anni L. is? Hello, Anni!

What do you do in the car for three hours one way and three hours the other way? I bring a stack of past issues of my very favorite magazines and go cover to cover to cover. I took along the last issue of Quilt Sampler and I spent most of the three hours on the way there, inspecting every picture and re-reading every article for the second time. Honestly, I did read it when I first purchased it, but I obsorb more and see something new everytime I go through it.
I do get my money's worth when I buy a magazine!
I did survive (barely!) the three and half days of Municipal Convention . . . guess where I really wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing? Sometimes it is terrible having a creative mind and being trapped in a convention with 974 other people - wonder how many really wanted to be there?
Quilting this weekend . . . photos Monday? . . . we'll see,
'til next time,

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Jane said...

I always enjoy your photos! The sign was great and made me laugh too. Hope you have fun quilting this weekend.