Thursday, 15 November 2007

I disappeared!

Wow, how time flies when you have nothing to say . . . well, that's not quite true, I always have something to say! But time does fly . . .

. . . and speaking of flying . . . that's me flying over the moon. Really! It's me - kinda, sorta . . . My brothers used to always call me "Broom" because my birthday is on Halloween - I guess that's a better nickname than "witch". Anyways, this little quilt I've been working on is really, really neat - I love it! The only trouble is that Halloween is gone. I did manage to get started before Halloween but I really wish I could have had it completely done and on display.

I am in the process of doing the edge stitching around all the branches and stuff with invisible thread and then I need to decide how to quilt the background and all the black at the front. Help! If you have some suggestions let me know - I'd hate to wreck it now.

I love the way the fabric is looking so spooky - the colorful background looks so turmoiled (is that a word?) and the smokey black that I used adds to the mysterious, scary scene. I wish I had a straighter picture for you to look at - after I'm done with the quilting I'll try and take another one.

I can't wait till next Halloween now . . . the only problem is that I'll be another year older :(

Here is the other project from the previous post that I have now finished (with a few modifications of course!). This is a wonderful alternative to all those bags on the market right now - this is for decoration and I think it's going to be a wonderful addition to my Fall, Christmas and general Winter decorating scheme. Really nice pattern - one goof in the directions though, so if you decide to try it, let me know and I'll pass on the correction.

This little sheep is made from the same Kansas Troubles material as the bag (above) and I think he is a cutie! This is actually a little fabric postcard that the quilt group had a class in - he turned out as a "happy" project.

I will need to pose the Flowers Around New York quilt, the bag and the postcard together in one room and take a picture (once the quilt is quilted, of course!) - they're all made from the Bound to the Prairies fabric line and look so coordinated.

And, then there is my mother-in-law's quilt - the top is done and I am now waiting for a fabric shipment from that will include the backing for this project.

Have you visited this website before . . . Wow! The prices are great and they ship really quick and I love the fabrics they have! If you're looking for coordinated groupings, this is the place to go. I ordered 17 yards of flannel - can't wait for the postman!!!

Have a great day and I promise to not take so long between postings . . . (isn't that irritating when bloggers do that?!?!?!) But in my defence . . . I was busy!

'til next time,



Anonymous said...

Like the bag with tree design. Happy Birthday late! My daughter went on a cruise for her honeymoon and Her husband has an Oct. 30 birthday. The couple they were paired with for supper got to visiting and said the other man had a birthday that was almost a holiday...the other man had the same birthday. So the girls compared their birthdates....and they were the same. How was that for coincidence. Made your BOO with pumpkin and bear claw and tree and gave it away for our campground halloween drawing.It was a fund raiser raffle... Made money for the 4th of July fireworks. Sounds strange but it went over great and the woman who got it was so excited. Lee G

Fer48 said...

I love the sheep! Don't feel bad about your blogging 'rut', seems to happen to everyone once in a while. Fer