Monday, 11 February 2008

Quilting . . . finally!

Due to really bad weather this past weekend, I was able to stay home both Saturday and Sunday - what an unexpected bonus!

So the house received it's little bit of cleaning on Saturday morning and then I headed to the sewing room. The above photo shows two projects that are currently being worked on. The light green strips and appliqued stars and dots are for borders on one of my quilts that I was working on back in December. I'll show you the whole thing once I sew the borders on.

The little view in the upper right hand corner is a new pattern that I'm still working on . . . seems like forever! I did get some more applique done on this project as well.

What a wonderful weekend . . . I'd like more like that.

This little quilt (above) is also one of those new patterns that is sitting around staring at me - I put some pins in it this weekend - I guess that's closer than I was last week to finishing it. It is part one of a previous glimpse I gave a couple of weeks ago of the part two piece of this quilt pattern. Pretty fabrics, eh?

This is my first commercial quilt pattern called "Sipiweske", of course!
My daughter was home last week and she is curled up under there somewhere - hiding from the camera . . . she comes by that honestly.
'til next time,

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Fer said...

Still liking the 'peaks' of the second quilt!! :o)