Monday, 25 February 2008

Sewing away . . .

Ah . . . neatly folded fabrics . . . all ready to be ripped apart for another project.

Leftovers are wonderful aren't they? Where will they end up . . . nobody knows. I love my leftovers - most times though I don't have any particular plans for them - they'll just be on stand by until I need them.

The pineapple foldy thing is part of the demonstration that we had a couple of Saturdays ago. It turned out quite nice and was a very interesting technique - there is no batting used in the quilt as there is the extra weight of all the fabric. A strip is sewn onto a foundation that is all marked out with lines and then the strip is folded back onto one of those lines, pinned and then you carry on all around the block sewing a strip and folding it back, etc. Very nice!

But of course when it is a demo piece you never know what kind of fabrics to try or how big the piece will end up. This is only the one block of the four blocks we prepared for, so I still need to make another three blocks to finish a possible cushion cover.

This is the other block that was demonstrated to us, which also turned out quite nice. A little more time consuming getting the fabric laid out and cut on the angle but it was worth it when you see the perfectly matched points! I'm glad I used the same Christmas fabrics in both samples so that I can now finish them both as cushion covers and use them this December. Or . . . maybe as a nice Christmas gift?!?!!?! Now didn't that work out great - I have some of my Christmas gift giving already figured out . . .

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