Thursday, 7 February 2008

Winter Blahs . . .

You know what it's like - everything seems to take too much effort and it's easier to just not do it. I shouldn't say everything . . . there have been moments in the last few days when there has been that little glimmer of achievement . . . but mostly just still blah.
I have taken some pictures, but not of quilts and when I started this blog it was supposed to have quilt pictures. I haven't had the opportunity to sew in the last month it seems - maybe that's why I'm so blah - I'm in withdrawal or something. No sewing this weekend either, unless I can squeeze some in on Sunday.

I'm off to Carberry to do a little teaching - sorta quilting, but not really. I've been asked to impart my very limited knowledge of the EQ5 program - thank goodness they didn't want to know anything about EQ6 as I'm still working on learning some of it's newness. So that is what I've been trying to do this week is brush up on some of my EQ5 skills so I don't look like a complete nerd on Saturday.

I've also been working on my final homework assignment for my Photography Class. Now some of that was fun and interesting and actually got my husband, daughter and her boyfriend involved as well. One of the assignments was "graffiti" and one was "water". As soon as I mentioned graffiti to my husband he instantly knew where to go (how? I didn't ask!).

So last Saturday, down on the wrong side of the tracks, right next to the rail yard in Brandon, many a graffiti pictures were taken. On the side of buildings, chasing trains and on garbage containers - it was really quite fun to have everyone focussing on finding just graffiti - something we usually try to ignore. Amazing stuff on the side of railcars though! What language is that anyway? I hope it isn't a bad word!

The "water" part of the assignment was something that we just kinda stumbled on. We took the car to a car wash and low and behold the underside of water drops on the sun roof are really quite neat. Plus then we went grocery shopping (got a few stares here!) and quite unexpectedly the sprinklers came on the vegetables as we were bagging some lettuce. The very fine spray that misted onto the various vegetables was awesome - have a look next time you're grocery shopping.

So that's about it for my week . . . sorry I've been a little amiss this week with posting . . . I'll try and get back to some quilting soon.

'til next time,

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