Saturday, 1 March 2008

More fabric love . . .

More fabric came in the mail - I'm loving these little orders! Remember the jelly rolls I got a couple of months ago? Well then, of course, I needed some yardage so that I can actually make a quilt with it all someday. After I had the jelly rolls it was much easier to see what fabrics I would want for the accent and borders - I'm going to match up a lovely cream fabric for the background of this imaginary quilt.

The fabric under this tin also came in the same shipment. Beautiful cream patterned background and look at that wonderful shade of green - perfect! Plus the dark brown print for one of the borders to frame the whole fabrilicious quilt.

Now if I could only decide exactly which pattern I was going to use for each of these collections . . . life could be simpler sometimes . . . so many decisions! In the meantime these little collections are sitting there providing inspiration to me as I work away on . . .

. . . 2000 of these square-in-a-square blocks - well, maybe not 2000 - it just feels that way. That is what I have planned for today - more little tiny blocks. Maybe, if all goes well, I can start planning the big borders later today - they will be all applique, so I guess I better enjoy the straight sewing I'm doing right now.

It's been a busy week again with more work meetings and then yesterday I finally made it over to teach the EQ class - had three wonderful students and we all had a great time. Every time you use that EQ program you learn something different. If you've never tried it out and have the opportunity, you should most definitely give it a try.

Sew, sew, sew . . . I'm off to finish my little, tiny squares . . .

'til next time,


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