Friday, 7 March 2008

Done! . . .

. . . the first round of 2000 tiny, little squares. Now I can move on to the big appliqued borders - maybe next week.

Last weekend didn't quite work out as planned - thanks to a huge allergy thingy that happened on Sunday morning - after that there was no thought given to quilting. Just getting going again was all that I was thinking about and that didn't happen until about 8 p.m.

With all the little blocks done, sewn together, adjusted and then attached to all four borders - I can now look towards planning the details for the next border applique. So far I am really happy with the way the quilt is turning out, except the fact that it is taking forever.

This part-time quilting and designing is driving me NUTS! There seems to be more and more things taking up all the available hours of the day - maybe once this 125th Municipal Anniversary is over at the end of June, I will once again be able to concentrate on what "I" want to do. I know everyone has all these time demands - how do you all handle this??? Are you as nuts about it as me?

We are also heading into Winnipeg this weekend to visit kids and Randy has a meeting to attend on Monday - so I'll be doing the girly thing with my daughter on Monday - coffee, shopping and eating! Just what I really need!!!!

I was looking around trying to find something of interest to photograph today and my eye caught this poinsettia again. I have never had one that has lasted this long!

I also have a white one at the office that is doing even better than this red one. Has anyone out there ever had any luck planting them outside in the summer and have them flower again for Christmas? Let me know what I have to do to accomplish this. I appreciate the help.

'til next week,


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