Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Big City Weekend . . .

Saturday night we stayed with my daughter and Sunday we checked into the Fort Garry Hotel. Our room was only on the third floor, so not a very majestic view to show you.

This hotel was built in 1913 and is currently listed as a National Historical Site. The architecture of the building is fabulous and there are displays scattered throughout the halls and lobby of historical tidbits from the past. I found these very interesting - tied right into all the historical research I am doing for our municipal anniversary.

Even the furniture in the room was of the older vintage - not pristine by any means, but it blended very well with the building.

The mezzanine level overlooked the lobby area and the beautiful woodwork and carvings that surrounded the entire area were wonderful to see.

We nicknamed our room the "blue room" and even though it wasn't very big, it was definitely cozy and very comfortable.

Until about 5 a.m. when there was some very strange russling noises coming from the corner. Upon inspection there was found to be nothing out of the ordinary. We jokingly referred to the noises as our mouse friend. Later in the day I mentioned this to my daughter and she said that had to have been the ghost of the Fort Garry - supposedly this was something we should have known about before staying there!
At least he or she was a friendly ghost!
'til next time . . .

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