Monday, 15 September 2008

Quilters' Haven Inspiration

except, of course, for this little pillow kit that I purchased from The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw, SK - can't wait to find a little patch of time to get this one started. I already have the perfect spot all picked out where it will perch - that would make the spot a "posy pillow perch"!

and . . . no, I didn't pay three dollars for the kit - it was a bit more than that . . . not sure why there's a $3.00 taggy thingy.
Actually I visited Quilters' Haven before The Quilt Patch, but I didn't have all the photos together yesterday for that posting.

I'll apologize before I start this paragraph for the quality of the photo . . . my only excuse is that I was so surprised, shocked and extremely thrilled to see this little quilt.
How exciting to turn a corner and BOOM! there is one of my designs . . . all made up and looking fabulous. I had a wonderful visit with one of the owners . . . I know I have her name marked down somewhere! (. . . I'll keep looking for that - anyone who knows me, knows I'm terrible with names.)
They make this pattern up as a kit and have had a really good run with it . . . these old fashioned elevators are becoming more and more difficult to find. So if you're looking for a kit . . .

The "Haven" is a cozy quilt shop that, on an early Saturday morning, was very busy helping/teaching a couple of ladies the finer points of a technique. Everything from fabric selection to a guiding hand in the methodology. Wonderful gals to visit with and to ask help from.

Of course there were wonderful samples throughout the shop - (can you pick out mine in the background there!???)

This quilt was extra special and was brought out of hiding to show me . . . isn't it wonderful . . . all of those barns just seem to belong so nicely together and the details were superb. This is actually a block of the month and is available on their website at : (Sorry I don't remember the designer's name).
Be sure to have a look at the rest of their site - and I know they are travelling to quite a few shows this Fall also, so everyone in Manitoba and Saskatchewan - keep your eyes open! Everyone else . . . . stop by their site and have a look around.
'til next time,


Fer said...

Mmmm, quilt shop hopping - nice....

You're not alone when it comes to remembering names, I really have to concentrate when someone tells me their name or else it's gone!


MYRA said...

Great photos, and how nice to have the surprize of one of your own patterns all made up, AND sold in kits! How cool is that! Wow!
Looks like a great shop to put on my list of musts when ever down that way... 8-)
Happy stitchings!