Thursday, 25 September 2008

Quilting Revealed . . .

Well, maybe.

Mysty doesn't really think you should be peeking just yet . . . she's trying to cover the camera lens and almost succeeding.

So I had to have a little talk with her that it is now time to share and she seems to have resigned herself to the fact that we are not going to keep these patterns to ourselves any longer.

But she said only two for now . . . she thought we should save two for a little later. She also reminded me that the other two are not really quilts anyway . . .

This design is called Shadow Stars and it goes together really neat. Choosing the perfect colors is half the fun in making this little wallhanging. A fussy cut fabric could be used in the centre of either the star formation or the shadow block for an even different look. The pattern includes both traditional and foundation piecing directions so you can choose which method works best for you.

This quilt was so much fun to design . . . a bit of embroidery, piecing, appliques and then yo-yo's to top it all off. It is so cheerful and bright that I just love having it in my kitchen so that I can see it every time I go by. I know the photo above doesn't show the embroidery very well . . .

so I took this photo for you . . . to better show the embroidery details. It was so much fun to work on! Of course if you don't have time to do the embroidery detail, you could quite easily substitute the centre block with a checkerboard block or any other pieced block. The actual block in the quilt is called Chicken Foot and that is where the embroidery design came from.
Neither of these patterns have reached my distributors yet, so until they do they are available by contacting me. These two designs and the other two that haven't been revealed yet, will be making their debut at Quilt Market in Houston in October.

Fall is such a great time of year for enjoying fresh from the garden veggies. No chemical preservatives or other weird sprays to scrub off - just bug poop!

Have a wonderful day . . . and eat your vegetables.

'til next time,



MYRA said...

Silly Mysty! 8-)
Awe shucks! You aren't showing the one first, that I thought you would! You are being sneaky aren't you... 8-)
Great quilts! Love the colors/fabrics! The colors on the chicken one looks yummy...
Happy stitchings!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Me likey the new pattern alot! Love the embroidery too. Yay Marlene!

Fer said...

Loooove the second quilt! The applique makes me go all gooey. :)