Monday, 23 February 2009

A Whole Week . . .

has come and gone. Where does the time go?

I did get my homework done for the Blue Meadow Mystery Quilt. The layout directions (I think!) are going to be posted today . . . I'm stumped as to what they have planned for the layout! Every time I lay the blocks out in a pattern I seem to be ending up with blocks short or blocks left over - it is a mystery!

Block #3 of the BOM from The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan arrived on Friday. All I've got done so far is washing and drying the wool pieces. One of them was a nice deep red and it had to be washed over and over and over again until there was no more pink in the water - just a little time consuming.

My husband is on lay off for a couple of weeks and he has gutted one of the bedrooms upstairs (and made a holy mess of all the others!) and in the process has taken boxes and boxes of my treasures out of closets. Among the boxes of fabrics and magazines that I have collected (and refuse to give up), were some boxes of old books.

As a small child I remembered these books being old and let's just say that was quite a few years ago. The date in this one is 1937 and I have no idea about some of the others.

Looking at the dog ears on the corners of these pages I'd say they've seen quite a few little fingers journey down the Dick and Jane road.

These dog-eared, covers-missing, beautifully illustrated little books are no longer in a box . . . they are now on my bookshelf again. I know that these books were instrumental in forming my passion for reading and I know they'll be around for a long time to come.

Now onto sewing . . . we're invited to a wedding in May and I thought I'd try and throw together a quilt for the happy couple. Not too sure if I'm liking what I'm doing, but I'm continuing on to the end and then I'll make up my mind whether or not it's something I would want to give away.

I'm calling this pattern "Life" right now. My husband gave me a questioning look about that name so I quickly explained the rationale behind it. Each of the blocks forms a nice, neat centre square and then slowly evolves outside it . . . and then rapidly just goes to hell. Is your life like that? Maybe I'm having a bad month and better review that name later in the year!

I'm thinking that Mysty must have thought the same thing about this quilt. I just assumed she must have done one of her "snowplow" attacks at the blocks and then Randy pointed out that the blocks were twisted on the inside and that the outside edges weren't messed up. She must have done the "tornado" move (tail-chasing) - confirms my theory about the name, right?

'til next time,



Quilter Going Bananas said...

I like those blocks Marlene! Just keep goin'...

Patchmaker said...

Love the old books - sadly they all look vaguely familiar ;-) and also your rational for "Life". Ain't it the truth!

MYRA said...

I think I still have an old book or few as such kicking around here too... Memories.... 8-)
Nice BOM 3 basket!
Your "Life" blocks are great! Keep going with it! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

The Demanding Doll said...

Loved those books too. Aren't the illustrations so wonderful. I'd love to have some of them framed.

Mabye kitty wants your Life blocks set a different way. Maybe he could figure out the mystery.

I love BOM's but never seem to finish them.

Anonymous said...

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