Thursday, 26 February 2009

Inspiration and Admiration . . .

First the inspiration . . .

This isn't what we will be making in the Piece by Peace workshop in March, but it is very similar. Now if I could only find all of those colors I'd be a happy gal! The instructor came to our Saturday workshop last week and gave us a stack of homework if we want to make a quilt similar to the one above and/or a drunkard's path variation. Both have some serious color decisions to be made, as well as preliminary sewing that needs done before we meet again.

Now for the admiration . . .

Most of the Piece by Peace group participated in a block exchange last year and we were all asked to make one or two extra so that a charity quilt could be made.

Some of the girls got right down to work on Saturday and got the top tied and even finished off the binding. I was working on another project, but really enjoyed watching them work away on this quilt . . . it didn't seem like any time at all before they were done.

Way to go, ladies! The lucky recipient of this quilt will treasure it for years to come.

The Demanding Doll has some great ideas for using up scraps, so if you're needing to shrink down your scrap drawers, head on over and take a look. Also check out her dog blocks that she's working on . . . they're full of colorful characters!

For another great quilt that uses up scraps, head over to Quiltville for directions on making a crumb quilt. This is only one variation of this type of quilt . . . check out some other ones for similar ideas. I don't know about your scrap bins, but mine are getting over-full.

'til next time,



West Michigan Quilter said...

I just love your quilt. It is so colorful. It looks like it's strip pieced and then cut on curves (I'm just learning curves). It must have taken so much planning to have all the colors work out like you did. Thanks for sharing.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Whoa! that inspiration piece is something else! Strip sets cut into curved pieces and then put together.

Love the quilt the ladies in your group put together too :^)