Monday, 2 March 2009

Welcome to March!

Farewell to February!
I do hope that March is a pleasant month and there are no weather surprises. I received a call this morning from a Provincial flood forecaster and our district emergency coordinator that flooding is expected this Spring. Oh my, should I increase my culvert budget, or not? That's the kind of exciting decision that I need to make when I'm not otherwise occupied with quilting dilemmas. Boring stuff, eh?

Captured this yappie fella outside the window on Sunday morning. There were actually four of them flitting from tree to tree, but this was the only one that sat still long enough for me to snap a picture. I should have doctored up the photo just a tad and got rid of some of the extra blue sky for you, but I ran out of time.

On the quilting front, I seem to have a few quilt tops laying around that are needing quilting . . . (I'm sure I'm not alone on this one!)

Here is a weird quilt top - I'm going to refer to it as a practise quilt, but it is all basted and ready to go. I may not even show you this when it is completely quilted - could become another cat quilt or maybe one for the recliner.

This is the mystery quilt I just finished and it is also ready to be quilted . . . but now I'm thinking I'd like some borders put on to make it just a bit bigger. Know where there is a good sale for "At Water's Edge" by Blackbird Designs? I'm in the market for a good deal!

My "Life" quilt is waiting for the border fabric to show up. I finally found a good sale on "Wildflower Serenade" by Kansas Troubles from this wonderful, friendly shop in New Hampshire called the Sugar House Quilt Shop. If you're talking to them, tell them that you heard about the shop from Marlene up in Canada - the Canadian without an accent! These ladies were wonderful in putting together my border fabric order and you can't beat the price.

I started machine quilting this quilt this morning - got it about half done . . . that's a good way to start the day . . . feeling like you've accomplished something.

This is one of two charity quilts that Sheila (from Brandon quilt group) and I worked on yesterday . . . her's looks pretty much the same as this. We used some orphan blocks and made our quilt tops, added the borders and then headed home to finish them off. They're the perfect size for small children to curl up with and watch TV or just to drag around with them.
It's hard to throw out blocks of any kind and instead of these just sitting in a drawer somewhere, we decided they could be put to better use. I know there will be a couple of little ones out there that could use something soft, colorful and comforting to cuddle up in. We hope to get these dropped off at the local women's shelter in the very near future.
I need to get back to finishing my wool BOM and I just noticed that Anne over at Bunny Hill has announced the third block of the Tisket A Tasket BOM will be posted on Thursday, so I gotta get hoppin' to get some stuff caught up!
'til next time,


MYRA said...

First, let me say that the inspirational piece you have in your previous post is awesome! Wow! Love it! 8-)
Great photo of the Blue Jay!
Yup! I too have sandwiched, and pieces tops waiting to be quilted! Four to be exact!!!
Your's look great!
Happy stitchings! 8-)

Joyce said...

I'm glad Feb is over and done with. I was playing with that same mottled fabric that you have in your dark quilt just a few minutes ago. It has become some stony soil in my current wall hanging.
I really like the piece in your last post too.

Sheila said...

You really did get some quilting done before work this morning!! I have mine ready to go - maybe I will get it quilted tomorrow night!!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Glad you're keeping busy Marlene! I still can't get over you machine quilting early in the morning before work!

Here's to hoping that March brings no more snow and lots of melting:^)