Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Not Really "Wild"Life

Kellie over at Don't Look Now is having a couple of giveaways . . . but that's not all, the eye candy is fantastic. I'm really enjoying her color combinations and the style of raw-edge applique is so easy and yet dramatic. I love her work! Go check it out . . .

This little gal was so close to the window the other day that it felt like you could almost reach out and touch her. She actually stood there long enough for me to try and find the camera (which took a bit of searching - especially when the husband decides to tidy things away!)

She did eventually get tired of looking at us through the window and decided to show us her furry little backside as she strutted away.

But then she decided to tease me just a bit more and hang around on the driveway. She seemed awfully sure of herself and just a little fru fru about things. Imagine! A deer with an attitude!

About a half hour later we did see three of them walking down the street . . . heading for home maybe? Who knows! I only hope our lawn has survived their constant pawing that they have been dishing out all winter long. We'll see what damage there is once the snow is all gone, plus all the little droppings that they have fertilized the yard with. Always interesting mowing the lawn for the first time every season . . . you don't know what's going to be flying where!

'til next time,


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

What a pretty girl!

MYRA said...

Adorable! Thick winter fur... So close to the window. Wow!
lol! Good luck with your lawn...once the snow decides to go!!! 8-)