Monday, 30 March 2009

Saturday Workshop

Ah, the teacher's sample . . . always inspirational!

Those colors all combine into such a beautiful quilt and that cat fabric is gorgeous.
I didn't count how many of us took in the workshop on Saturday, but we had a nice group and had a very good time. Of course, with all the homework we did before the class, we were able to get right to work on what the different techniques were like to work with.

As you can see this is a variation of the drunkard's path block that uses 17 different fabrics plus a feature print. I'm on the hunt for the feature print right now, so I don't have too much to show just yet. I'm still looking for the "Fancy Cats" fabric in cream (see previous post for photo) and I have a few emails out right now trying to track some down. I had thought I would use a stripe in addition to the small piece of cat fabric I had, but once I started cutting out the drunkard's path shapes and laid them next to the stripe, it just didn't look good.

These beautiful prints belonged to a new gal to the group and her color selections were wonderful. Good job, Judi . . . can't wait to see the finished piece.

(Gotta love our red tableclothes that we use on the old tables!)

This was the pattern that I worked on for most of the day. It is also a drunkard's path variation where you have your square and then applique a circle in the centre, then cut the block in half both ways to get your four drunkard's path blocks. So while I'm searching for my cat fabric for the other quilt, I will continue to try and finish these blocks off. I finished the applique yesterday and now need to trim away the extra fabric from the back and remove the freezer paper that was used for the circle. Good job for TV watching I think!

After a little cheering from the peanut gallery (Myra!) . . . I was shamed into spray basting two quilt tops yesterday and now have my machine set up on the big dining room table to get started on the quilting. Now if I only knew what design I wanted to use, life would be good.
'til next time,


MYRA said...

lol! Tis me! The peanut gallery, cheering away! 8-)

Seriously M, no pressure, just curious... Sorry for "nagging" you...

I shall get to your email today...

Happy stitchings!

Foila said...

Ok, that's it. Thanks to you I decided to take a workshop too. Thanks