Thursday, 26 March 2009

Stress and Fabric . . .

. . . not related to each other though!

Fabric will never cause me stress . . . but job interviews most certainly do!

I've now been to both of my interviews . . . Monday and Tuesday of this week were busy to say the least. Both interviews went well and I had a job offer on Tuesday but I don't think I can accept it as offered. So now I wait until almost the middle of April before I find out about the second interview.

Now I can concentrate on quilting again!

I have been working on my homework for the workshop that is scheduled for this Saturday . . . lots of strips and lots of straight, boring sewing, but I'll be ready and raring to go for the next step come Saturday morning. That is if it ever quits snowing and blowing here . . . the roads are a mess and travel is very interesting!

Block 4 of my BOM came on Tuesday, so now that is waiting for me and by next Wednesday Anne over at Bunny Hill will have her fourth BOM posted. Anne is giving away some fabric over at her blog right now, so make sure and pop over and have a look. The Chelsea Manor fabric line is named after the cutest little thing . . . maybe a little attitudal, but very cute.

My border and backing fabric arrived last Friday from Martina's Fabric. What great service and they even included a free fat quarter with the package (which I forgot to take a picture of!).

Now I can finish the Mystery Quilt from Blue Meadow Designs when I can find some time to get the quilt basted and ready to go. I also have the "Life" quilt that is at the same stage, so I've got lots of work planned and no plans yet to do the work.

I think I need some holiday time . . .

'til next time,



Quilter Going Bananas said...

Glad you survived the job interviews, there's a definite skill to doing those!

I love the fabric you showed, can't wait to see your Blue M mystery done.

Make sure you take tons of pics at your workshop on Saturday!!!

MYRA said...

Snow... who needs it anymore!!! Enough already!!!

Good that you survived the interviews M!!! I hope something positive comes from it! 8-)

Yes you do need a holiday to get caught up on your stitchin'!!! Maybe time to retire! lol! Teasing... 8-)

I look forward to seeing some more of you progress on your BOMs, Mystery, etc...

Happy stitchings!