Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Homework and the Tax Man. . .

Happy St. Paddy's Day to everyone!

Hope you have more green in your wardrobe than I do . . . not a single item with even a smidge of green. Lots of green quilting fabric, just not clothing!

My March shipment of fabric from The Fat Quarter Shop came on Friday. I think it is so cheerful and bright . . . Mary Engelbreit sure knows how to combine those happy doodles and colors. This collection is called "Basket of Flowers".

The package was in my house only long enough for me to iron and fold the fat quarters before I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

It wasn't long before the pieces were all cut up for one project.

The leftover pieces were all set aside with the directions for the second project. Imagine two projects out of twelve fat quarters . . . I'm thrilled.!

And then I got started on my homework . . . you gals from Brandon know all about this homework! We'll see how it turns out on the 28th before I show everyone.

Now that I've found the perfect fabric, I can't wait to get started on the actual project. First I'll have to finish just a tiny bit more homework.

Fabric homework is so much more fun than paper homework. I figured I best get organized for the tax season and get my paperwork gathered together . . . hate this time of year. I always enjoy the big cheque that gets deposited in my account once it's all said and done though! Hope that part doesn't change this year . . .

Busy work week again this week . . . two interviews at the beginning of next week . . . and then maybe things will settle down. Why do I set myself up for these things?!?!?!

'til next time,



MYRA said...

Wonderful fabrics M!!! I am truly intrigued as to what you are doing there now! You are a tease... 8-)\

DH takes care of all our paperwork, thank goodness, but I enjoy the return... lol!

I wish you much success with your interviews! I hope you get positive results! 8-)

In the meantime, happy stitchings!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I second what Myra said on all counts! Can't wait to see what you're gonna do with the ME fabric!

Annette said...

Will wait with interest to see what your new project is, it looks interesting!