Thursday, 12 July 2007

Never a dull moment . . .

As with anything new - it takes some time to learn and get all the crinkles out of the system. This is what I'm finding with setting the different views on the page and also trying to insert pictures into the blog. Some seem to work and others it doesn't matter how many times you try - they just refuse!

Well . . . looking around this sewing room indicates a lack of focus lately (this photo was taken when things weren't quite so crazy). Wow! Do I need to spend some time organizing projects or what?

The quilt on the wall was a "garden" themed challenge last year with my quilt group in Brandon. I call it my happy quilt because I learned lots and lots of new techniques and managed to incorporate all kinds of things from my garden - the drunkards path (we won't go into detail on that one); birdhouses, one of my cats, dragonflies, a vase of garden flowers and just lots of happy flowers. I told my husband (Randy) that I was going to hang it in the bedroom and he told me it could go under the bed! So it's in my sewing room instead.

Anyway, the group has decided that the project for this year would be to split into groups (those that wanted to) and do a block exchange. To add even more fun to the project, my particular group has decided to only do snowmen and stars . . . two of my very favorites. So for the past month or so I have been pulling out magazines for inspiration and doodling like mad - the gals in my group will expect something original - not just a pattern out of a magazine! There are six of us in the group and we are doing it for seven months - so what does that work out to . . . I need to make six blocks of seven different designs - 42 blocks. Plus an extra one or two to use for a charity quilt that we'll put together at the end. So the pressure is on - my daughter, Candace (23) and I have already been shopping for some nice background fabrics and snowmen/star fabric. Can't wait to get started, but, wait . . . the place is a mess! I'll post some of my doodles in the next few days - let me know what you think!

This is a new pattern of mine that needs to hit the market soon! I used Benartex
"Shadow Play" fat quarters for it and I thought it turned out quite nice. Fun to put together too - not difficult, just fun!

Really an easy pattern to make bigger or smaller - can't wait to give this one a try in pastel florals and bigger blocks - I think it would be spectacular! Oops! I'd need more time for that, right?

Talk to you soon . . .

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