Thursday, 19 July 2007

Still dreamin' . . .

Hello there! What a busy week it has been so far - all to do with the "paying" job, though. Haven't gotten a thing done on any of my quilting or other projects. This weekend we have absolutely nothing planned - so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to get busy on at least some of the ideas rolling around in my head.

I did get to pick my son's brain when he was home last weekend - but only briefly. I did find out that I'm not as far ahead on one of my projects as I thought I might be. Back to the drawing board on some of that.

I have the little stack of "snowmen" fabric laid out - just waiting for me to make a decision as to how I'm going to use it. This will be my inspiration picture for the week! For me at least. Because no one in my quilt group knows what anyone else will be using for colors or prints, it's going to make it very interesting to see the finished quilts. With the theme only being stars and snowmen, I'm really hoping that that will limit some people from using wild colors - my choices so far seem to be leaning towards reds, blues, that really neat purpley one on top (it's called "Crazy Daisies" by The Buggy Barn - looks more like stars to me!) and of course different whites - the two shown in the photo do have a tiny white print on them. Most of the blocks I'm thinking of doing so far are appliqued or have alot of applique on them, so scraps of other colors will also be incorporated into the scheme. Can't wait to get started!

Need to go look for that time I need . . .

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