Friday, 27 July 2007

He didn't melt!

I think he is adorable! Actually looking forward to finishing the other five - might be hard to give them all away. I also think that I will continue doing the blanketstitch after everything is ironed down - it became obvious that if I had of blanketstitched each piece separately that the stitching would have shown through and been lumpy looking through the next layer.

If he was just a little taller and there was a tree and some other stuff beside him . . . Oh, well that will have to wait for another day. Because the quilt group has chosen the size to be only 6x6 finished it kinda limits what can be added to block. Doesn't mean I can't image what if . . .

And, by the way, my little Princess Mysty is just fine! Turns out after all that worrying that she only has a bladder infection and will be on some medication for 10 days. You have to wonder why the vet needed to do so many tests that cost so much to just find this out. The only good thing about all those tests is that the vet says Mysty is in really good shape for a cat her age, so there are no concerns with her health . . . thank goodness!

This little illness has thrown a slight curve into our holiday plans though. We were supposed to be heading for the city lights (Winnipeg) on Sunday to help my daughter with a bathroom renovation. Now someone, or both of us, need to stay home and administer the medication. I'll send Randy to Winnipeg and Mysty and I will catch up on a bunch of designing and sewing projects . . . what a great idea! It is supposed to be really hot next week, so what better place to be than in the basement - that would be my dream holiday! A week off from work and doing what "I" want to do . . . heaven!

I'll keep you posted . . .


Sonnja said...


What a lovely snowman you made.
Kind Regards,


Beth said...

Very 'cool' snowman, pardon the pun! Welcome to the Quilt Studio ring!