Friday, 3 August 2007

How time flies!

. . . especially when you're on holidays! Can't believe it's Friday already . . . I'm not done yet what I had planned to do . . . need more time.

I've been trying to learn this Photoshop program - thought I knew quite a bit before . . . but, wow, more and more to learn. Taking some of my doodles into the program and reworking them to come up with new designs - where will this lead? Who knows . . . wasting lots of time trying to figure it out though.

My hubby, Randy, took off to Winnipeg on Wednesday morning - left me with my beautiful sicky Mysty. She's not all that sick anymore - once the antibiotics kicked in she's pretty much 100% again - the pills go on until Tuesday night though (2 a day). Thankfully she inhales her food (with the pill hidden inside) so I don't need to push it down her throat - thank goodness for small miracles. She is quite the little trooper - great company - usually glued to my side. What a sweetie!!

I've done no gardening, no housecleaning. Did do a load of laundry and cleaned the bathroom - other than that the whole week has been a blur of trying to get this art stuff organized.

Had a wonderful note from Sonnja from the Netherlands Sonnja's Website . . . check out what she is doing! Very cute and heartwarming. I need to clean out a couple of corners - I know there are a few pieces of fabric that will not work in a quilt but would look adorable as a teddy bear. Check your cupboards too!

Have a look at these sketches - what do you see?

Till next time . . .

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