Monday, 6 August 2007

Nastalgia and Newness!

As part of the big "project" I've been working on, I needed to track down some of my old, or really my Mom's old sewing memorabilia. When I was growing up my parents owned a small country store. You know the kind with the little swivel stools and the coffee bar setup - it was really quite cool when you look back. You could get your hair trimmed, have coffee and do your grocery shopping. Your cheese was cut off a huge big block and your bologna was sliced on the big slicer. In the front corner of the store was the sewing section which included everything from snaps and buttons to beautiful threads and fabrics.

Anyway, I got digging through some of this old stuff and thought a few pictures were needed. What wonderful memories we can store away and draw on when we need them. My mom died in a car accident in 1998 and just pulling these items out and setting them together brought back those memories of when she used to sew for us.

On another note though, I have learned how to do some new things! I bought this "digital scrapbooking" magazine the other day and WOW! I've learned things about PhotoShop that I never knew before or would have never been able to figure out by myself. The magazine contains projects for three levels of experience and they are very well written and seem very easy to follow.

Do you know what is really surprising though? I don't scrapbook. And I really don't have the time to devote to something like that - but WOW(again!) the things I have learned and the projects that have inspired me will work in what I currently am doing. In my design work for patterns, pamphlets, advertising and other business related things - this little magazine will be well used and has many little sticky notes already attached to sides. PhotoShop and I are on more than a first name basis now and it feels good!

Just imagine what I could do if I had time to scrapbook - all those baby pictures and even the memorabilia photos - I need to quit my job! It is really cutting into the time I want to spend on other projects.

Oh, well, back to work tomorrow - hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go . . .

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Sonnja said...

What a wonderful memories You have.
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