Saturday, 18 August 2007


I thought today would be a wonderful day to show off some quilts.

This one is called "Valley View Sampler" and is made using Nancy Halvorsen Christmas fabrics. This is completely paper pieced and is more of a beginner quilt pattern or a quick and easy pattern for a more experienced quilter. Nice big shapes and you get to use all kinds of colors too. I like this one - it looks great on our yellow/gold sofa - just a plain happy little quilt.

This one is called "Sunnyside Stars" and was published in the January/February 2007 issue of Quilts With Style magazine. For some weird and wonderful reason they remade it using hot pink/jade green and a bright blue which really did nothing for the quilt pattern I thought. I much prefer my color choices - to each her own.

This is one that is currently not released - still in the writing and testing stages - what do you think? Let me know, honestly, whether or not this something you like. All of the circles, except the little wee ones on the sides, are actually paper pieced crazy patches and then appliqued onto the black background. I really enjoyed making this one and I am going to try another test one in more country colors just to see the difference. I am imagining that the two quilts side by side would look like night and day.

This is another one of my very favorites. Kinda whimsical, country and just plain fun. It is not necessarily a Christmas quilt - more of a winter time quilt. The name of this one is "Frosty's Night Lights" and it is a big one - I wanted to increase the scale of paper pieced quilts and this is one of them. Love the fabrics too - they are by Susan Winget and are wonderful to work with.
Leave me some opinions - honest opinions - what appeals to everyone there?

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