Sunday, 26 August 2007

Autumn Splendor. . .

This flower is the perfect Fall flower!

Look at those beautiful colors . . . wouldn't they look wonderful in a Fall quilt with Maple Leaf blocks and an appliqued border of these big flowers and leaves and vines. Do you see the wasp there? I think I'll leave him off the quilt design. This is the season for wasps! They are everywhere and of course the flies are out in full force - as soon as harvest starts the flies want indoors for some reason. The mosquito population has become less noticeable, at least in my area. The number of West Nile virus cases being reported has been phenomenal this year - many, many more cases reported than in previous years. I was going through some old office documents from 2002 and found a note where the Chief Medical Officer had called the office to notify us that a positive case of a horse contracting the virus was confirmed from this area. Back in 2002 there didn't even seem to be a concern about humans and West Nile - makes you wonder where things are going?!?!?!

This picture also indicates that Fall (and eventually Winter) is coming this way really soon. What beautiful colors though - you can't help but admire them. Spent part of Sunday going through the perennial garden and splitting and re potting some of the plants for my daughter in Winnipeg. Her house could use some nice, easy care plants in the front so I've managed to get 20 new ones started for her. Puttering in the garden is what you would call my Sunday morning activity!

And, of course, nothing says Fall like a Halloween quilt - that really needs to get done soon. I've had the backing fabric for months and months, have some of the directions written but then stalled out. This quilt is mostly all applique except for the checkerboard (which I always love) - this was fun to make using all those wonderful Halloween fabrics that are on the market now. These fabrics were from Thimbleberries/RJR and worked great! (Sorry about the color - it really is brighter than this shows).

If you stop by leave me a note about your Fall quilting and other Fall activities. Always great to hear from you . . . until next time,


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