Thursday, 23 August 2007

More Snowmen!

Here I go again with another little snowman block. I just love the whole idea of snowmen - they are so CUTE! I don't particularily like snow though . . . or even making real snowmen. Too many years of winter and freezing stuck in my memory I guess.
This little guy is quite simple - I did toss around the idea of sewing the words "Nature Lover" or some such thing on his tummy, but then I thought that would maybe make it look too busy - nothing wrong with simple!

Of course this is the second block in a set of seven that need done for my quilt group block exchange. The first ones need exchanged on the 24th of September and then this one will be for the end of October. I'll need to start on the November one soon - you never know what will pop up and you can't get back to what you were originally doing. We do skip December because of it being such a busy month - so that is something to look forward to.

These ones still need to have the arms embroidered on them - tonight when I'm watching TV maybe. Notice one little guy is on the wrong side of the tree - gotta remember to reverse these patterns when you're doing them! Thought maybe I'd leave them all "backwards" and then decided I liked them better on the left side of the tree - I wonder who will get the "wrong" one.

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