Thursday, 9 August 2007


Well just look at that shadow! This is my other little girl and her name is Shadow. The other day when it was so hot out I guess she thought it was very appropriate, for her, to find a bit shade next to the tree. This little gal has lived with us for about 13 1/2 years and we really don't know who she is - she's kinda a loner, sometimes and other times she is just in your way - not sure about her. She's partly deaf (I think), has lost some teeth and is a type of beebler - meaning she never really knows where she is and we don't either! But she lives with us and we'd miss her if she wasn't here.

Here is a continuation of my nostalgia photos. The pincushion is at least 45 years old and so are a couple of the thimbles - they've been around a lot longer than I have been. Look at that stitching on the little hanky - really, really tiny, somebody did amazing work many years ago. The rick rack, for .25c and .15c (imagine that!) and the black buttons are from the old general store as far as I know, or maybe even earlier.
Looking forward to the weekend - tomorrow I'm heading out to meet with a bunch of gals from the quilt group and we're going to dye fabric all day. I've never done this before but a couple of them did some last year when I was away at Quilt Market in Minneapolis. Their fabrics were beautiful and most of them were having trouble cutting it up - I imagine I'll have the same problem. I'll have photos to post on Monday.

My brother from Melfort, Saskatchewan is also coming for a visit - well sorta. One of his school chums is in the hospital with cancer and is not doing very well - so he is really not visiting me, just a stop over at my house on a rather unpleasant trip.

Sunday I need to pull out the flowers in my front yard - they were so badly burnt from the hot, dry spell we've been having that they are far beyond saving now. The town sent out letters at the end of July asking everyone to refrain from watering - we never used town water anyway, but the rain barrels have been used strictly for the tomato plants and the onions - not for flowers! Would be great to get a bit of rain. Maybe I'll do a little rain dance tonight when I get home . . . Have a great weekend!

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