Wednesday, 25 July 2007

This heat . . . could melt a snowman!

Holy Mac! Has it been hot and humid here? You betcha! Too hot to think much about anything.

My little Princess (Mysty) had to make a quick trip to the Vet yesterday morning, so it was a very stressful day waiting to hear back on some tests they were doing. Turns out the tests won't be back until this afternoon sometime . . . still worrying. They did let her come home though - after I coughed up $351.00! Wow . . . now I'm hot and broke. Here's a picture of my baby (she's almost 15). We love her to bits.

I did manage to get down to the basement on Sunday and started on my Snowman blocks - this is my prototype so far.

I always have trouble deciding when to do the blanket stitching - each layer separately or after it's all pressed down. I'll try it "all pressed down" first and then see how it looks - might be neater if I do it in layers. I was anxious to see how it looked put togehter.

I think this little guy is a cutey but I'm sure I'll be sick of him by the time I finish six of them. The little sign he is holding is lots of fun to make - I pencilled in the letters on a piece of white paper, cut it out the exact size of the sign shape, pinned it down and then using the quilt stitch on my machine I carefully stitched around the letters. I'm happy with the results! The lettering on my machine was too small and I don't like the way it strings itself together - this is much cleaner and bigger.

Please don't melt on me . . .

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KCQuilter said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have bookmarked yours and will stop by often. Look forward to seeing more of your designs!