Sunday, 15 July 2007

Pound, Pail and Paddle Day

What a wonderful day yesterday! The weather was beautiful, not too hot with a nice gentle breeze - perfect for sitting on the waters edge and watching the antics in the water.

These two pictures, of course, are examples of what is not supposed to happen on the way to the finish line.

These guys built some pretty sturdy boats and were able to make it through a few different races without having to walk it across the finish line. The river was a little shallow in spots and there were a few guys that weighed just a bit too much and ended up stuck on the bottom.
The local Lions Club hosts the Rubber Duck Races to raise money for different projects. Each ticket you buy has a number corresponding to a number on one of the ducks. The little cuties are all thrown in the water at the starting line and, with a little bit of herding, one, two and three eventually cross the finish line. This photo shows the herd heading towards the finish line - once again ours didn't make it to the end - I'm hoping 2008 will be the year!

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