Monday, 24 September 2007

Fabric Daydreams . . .

I have a confession . . . I love fabric!

All types of quilting fabric - I do lean towards certain colors and prints, as I think most people do. I like small and medium prints and still would have to force myself to purchase a large scale print, and more than likely it would be for a border or a backing. I prefer the more traditional patterns, where there is more detailed piecing and/or applique which traditionally uses smaller pieces of fabric - and thus to my way of thinking, the smaller prints work best.

So you now know about my fabric obsession - but my other confession is that I hate to cut into fabric! I love seeing it all stacked up and ready to go - trouble is, I quite often don't take it anywhere. What if I cut into it and then don't like the pattern - isn't that a waste - or is it a learning curve?
That little snowman is part of a fat quarter bundle that I purchased a couple of years ago - I just love it! But I can't cut into it :( Maybe someday . . . when the moon is just right and the idea is brilliant . . . it will become a little wallhanging . . . until then, it looks great sitting on the shelf.
The fabric under the snowman is from Blue Meadow Designs and once again I cannnot force myself to cut into it. I might have a better idea for it someday - so I'll just hang onto it for a while longer.
Plaids from Kansas Troubles, (shown in the photo) may need to be made into a fun snowman quilt pattern by Meme's Quilts called "Snow Row" that I bought about three years ago - you see I can sometimes make a decision - just carrying it out may take a bit longer.

If you didn't know better you would think that this fabric stack is about 14" high. Just so happens that I hang my measuring tape from a nail that is nailed into one of the beams in the basement (the ceiling is too low to finish - so I might as well make use of opportunities!). The basket that this fabric is in is about 18" to 20" high and holds my fat quarter collection - a small portion of it at least. I find this little collection to be motivating and inspiring - we all need some of that once in a while.
My photography course last week went really well! The pictures I used for the "critique" session were all photos I have used in previous posts. I received some really great feedback and now have a "standard" to keep up. So this past weekend I've been wandering around with my old camera shooting anything that catches my fancy and also trying different setting and angles. Therefore, you have all my fabric pictures to look at! I haven't narrowed down which ones I will take to class this Thursday, but thought it would be fun to share these ones with you.
Till next time . . .

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