Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The "Lipstick Pink" saga continues . . .

On and on we go . . .

This is coat #4 (I think! - I'm losing track!).

I'm told this is the last coat (#5) - at least for awhile. Much better tone I think from the very first coat. Thank goodness paint dries much darker and each successive layer gets better and better. I think I like it - it matches good with the brown stain on the step.
Not sure what happened to the plant, it was looking great one day and frazzled the next - go figure that. Needs planted in the garden . . . it's supposed to be a perennial so that is good.

While I was taking pictures of the door I thought I'd throw this photo in - this is one of my winter time quilts which is still hanging in my front entry way! Think maybe I should switch up to a Halloween one soon - got lots of good spooky quilts - I love Halloween :)
Till next time,

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