Monday, 3 September 2007

Happy Labor Day!

As promised in the previous post, here is the project that my daughter made out of the "Stars All Around Us" book by Cherie Ralston. Candace used left over paints from my new kitchen (that she designed!) and I think this turned out wonderful. The brown is the baseboard color, the green is the wall color, the yellow is another part wall and the cream is part of the hall color - you can see all of these colors from just about anywhere you stand in the kitchen. I love it!
This catch-all box sits up on top of one of the kitchen cupboards next to some other great little tin boxes, etc. I'm embarrassed to tell you that inside this little box is where I am storing my punchneedle supplies. At Quilt Market in Kansas City a couple of years ago I admired the wonderful little projects that people were making with the punchneedle and I promptly came home and ordered the needles and a small kit - I found out that it was just a bit more than I had the patience for! Oh, well, the lessons we learn - maybe someday I'll end up in the hospital or something and need something to do - that's me, always prepared for the worst.

We're painting our front door and this magazine was the inspiration for our color choice. We took the color sample that matched the closest to the photo and had it color matched at our paint supplier. Now Randy (husband) is freaking because the first coat was PINK! Not quite the manly color he was looking for. I've been trying to reassure him that after a couple more coats it will be the darker color.

This was after coat #1 - a nice lipstick pink - don't you think?

This is coat #2 - just went on about an hour ago.

Scary looking, isn't it? Hopefully after this coat dries and the sun isn't reflecting off it, it will look a bit darker. I think there may be hope - looks like it might take another two coats at least. The undercoater was a light grey, but it should have been a lot deeper toned. I'll keep you posted on our pink door crisis!

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