Wednesday, 12 September 2007

On The Mend . . .

Well that was some weekend! Ended up in bed Friday night, all day Saturday and most of Sunday, went to the Doctor's office on Monday morning. Gotta love those trips! Gave a bunch of blood, waiting for appointments to be set up with specialists and need to go back on Friday morning for another test.
My daughter, Candace and her boyfriend were out for the weekend - the most I saw of them was when they came in the bedroom for a visit - that's where we had Saturday night pizza - they were all camped out at the window seat and stacking stools for tables - kinda different!
We're supposed to be going into Winnipeg this weekend for a visit, so I'll see them again soon. Need to get all those perennials I started for her planted in the ground. It's been getting cold here at night - last night was +3 or 4. Next week is looking better.
I had a schedule for my project that I was trying to follow - oh well, I guess it was my schedule, no one elses. I'll need to make slight adjustments to my timeframes. To add to that is the quilt group's "Quilt Show" on the 29th of September - I missed the first meeting of the year on Monday night - but the preparations will be in full swing now for the next few weeks.
Then last week I signed up for a photography class that started last Thursday night and goes until the end of September - I'm supposed to do some homework - if you notice there are no pictures attached to this post - so, guess what? My homework isn't even started yet! Then I found out that I'm missing this class on Thursday night because my Reeve called a meeting - that bites - now I won't even know if my homework that isn't done measured up to everyone elses.
Hope everyone else's week is going good so far. I'll try for pictures next time and a more positive outlook from my corner of the world . . .
Talk to you soon,

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