Wednesday, 26 September 2007

September Splendor . . .

What a wonderful, fantastic time of year to take a Photography Class!

The last photography class is tomorrow night - so I am now searching for the right photos to take for the critique session. Do I take some of the fabric photos from the last post, or try one of these ones? Decisions, decisions! I don't think I've taken as many photos in my life as I've taken in the last three months! It's kinda like any creative venture - you start looking at the things around you in a different way; a different angle and just . . . differently.

Nature is full of the greatest ideas for color, whimsy and even a whole new outlook on life. I must say that stopping and looking at the "small things" has become my new most favorite thing to do. Why do we always need to look at the "big picture" - sometimes I find that to be very depressing. So my advice to everyone today is to stop and look at the "small things" in life and be fascinated, amused and surprised by what you see.

The Quilt Show is this weekend and I really hope to remember to take my camera (and that everyone lets me take a few pictures!). Monday will be quiltshowblog day if everything works out. Putting on a quilt show is quite an undertaking and takes a lot of organizing and time to get up and running - the inspiration that we will take away with us once it is all over and done with, will keep us going for all our new and upcoming projects. We have a great year of meetings and workshops planned - now if I could only find time to finish the workshop projects from last year! One is a queen size quilt - so I know I need to set aside more than a couple of days to get that quilted - it's a beautiful New York Beauty quilt made from fabrics by Kansas Troubles - that should be inspiration enough you would think - I need more time! Whine, whine . . . It won't stop me from finishing my "project", nor will it stop me from starting new projects either . . . oh well, I'm here for a good time, right?
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