Sunday, 6 January 2008

Back to Work . . .

All wonderful things must come to an end.

Three whole weeks of being at home!
And out of those three weeks I was able to find five days that were my very own. In some ways I found that very hard to deal with . . . I love my self time! It's my time to scheme and create at my pace, instead of trying to fit little bits of minutes here and there together. Don't get me wrong! It was wonderful having family home for the holidays but now things must return to normal . . . which means back to work.

Everyone seems to be making resolutions for the New Year . . . not me! Every day starts out with a new resolution for me - I seem to usually always start the day with a specific goal of what will be done by the end. I suppose I should look at the bigger picture and group my goals from each day into one or two big goals to try and achieve in 365 days time. I guess I come from the world of hard knocks and realize that the best laid plans usually don't come true. So I think that I will stick to making a resolution every day and then not be completely freaked out by some loftie dream that I had on January 1st that never came true.

Here is one of my goals for today . . .

This little flower label is something that I designed to be used for documenting your quilts. It is a very easy foundation pieced pattern that can be done in minutes using leftover fabrics that match your quilt. Plus the right-hand side is where you can write your name, the date, the name of the quilt or whatever you want so that each of your quilts will be labelled. You can use your sewing machine alphabet to write the information or use one of those wonderful black markers that are specifically made to write on fabric.

Here's the deal . . . this is a free pattern!

Send me an email ( and I will mail you out a copy of the pattern. I'm curious to see where everyone is from! Plus if you have a special resolution - let me know, maybe I need to change my view of how resolutions work before 2009 gets here.

'til next time,



Fer said...

I'm loving the colour of the fabrics in the top photo, are we able to see the whole quilt? Happy New Year to you too!

Pepi said...

Hello. This is my first time to make a comment in english in the blog. I hope I do it right. I like the things you do, and I love the laber you have design. It is very nice. Do you thing you could send it to me?. I am writing from Spain and I also do patchwork. Maybe you can visit my blog and send me the pattern. I will apreciate. I will include your link in my blog. Forgive me about my english.