Monday, 21 January 2008

Cold and chilled . . .

Here in Manitoba the weather has taken a turn to the notorious January cold snap . . . with windchill factor calculated in, it is close to the -40C . . . a good day to be tucked in at home.

I know most everyone else is at work, but I've taken a few days to myself! I was scheduled for some surgery that I thought would be sometime in the next three months . . . I got a call last Wednesday afternoon telling me that they had some cancellations for Friday and could I make it in? I saw the specialist on January 3, had my pre-op checkup on the 11th and had my surgery on the 18th - wow, that is unheard of! I've heard of people waiting many, many months for procedures to be done . . . so I am counting myself a very lucky person that my number came up quick, everything went smoothly and I'm not scheduled to see the doctor again for three to six months. Knock on wood that all remains well.

So here I am snuggled up with some wonderful little tools and just puttering away at whatever tickles my fancy . . . a little bit of this and little bit of that.

What a mess I make though, papers are scattered everywhere . . . this one's good, this one has possibilities and wow, how did that one happen? Maybe I'll get a couple that will work for whatever little project that may need them.

I did some sewing yesterday - but very little. Mostly lounging in bed with a few little projects that didn't require anything electrical (I was supposed to stay away from anything dangerous!). Cut out the back side of some applique work I've been doing - boy, do I hate that tedious job! But I do like the applique thing and maybe I can get back to some machine work later today.

I've had fun receiving all the emails requesting the little quilt label pattern (see below). Requests came from all over and it is so neat to see the little addresses on the envelopes - the postal people will wonder what I've been up to! If you would like a copy of the pattern, it's not too late to send me a request . . .

'til next time . . .


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