Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Benefits of not working . . .

People send you flowers!

What a lovely surprise yesterday when these little beauties showed up at the door. Not sure what they are and haven't had time to do any research . . . but I think it can be planted outside come Spring. Very cheerful and helpful.

On Monday night the mailman brought this wonderful assortment of books from - love shopping there! I don't think the price can be beat anywhere - very happy person now.

Yesterday I read the books basically cover to cover and am quite looking forward to curling up in bed tonight and starting that same process again. Love these books! Just the kind of inspiration I need right now - not that I'm racing for the sewing machine or anything - but still I can dream and plan.

Last week I did get around to doing some playing with the Stack and Whack method. Came up with six very interesting little blocks - love seeing the centres emerge when that final seam is sewn. Lots of fun!

Now my bed is calling me - it was my first day back to work and I feel like a lay down . . .
'til next time,

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