Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Here's to a safe, happy, busy and successful New Year to one and all.

'Tis the time to look ahead and imagine where, what and how we are going to accomplish for a New Year. Some of those thoughts could be pretty intense, don't you think?
On a lighter note . . . here at the little quilt shop . . . there have been a few things that have been going on since my last post - (which was quite some time ago as some of you have noticed!)
As you can see above . . . Santa came to our house!

. . . plus he brought some reindeer.
After that things kinda got a little squirrelly . . .

What a busy time of year! Both kids were home for Christmas. Brennan was here until the 26th and Candace was here until the 29th. We also made a couple of trips to Brandon and one trip to Winnipeg. Randy's mom was also here for Christmas and she was thrilled with her quilt that was made special for her. The photo below is the little gift tag that I made from the leftover fabrics . . . it turned out really good and was almost as popular as the quilt itself!

Now it is time to regroup and make plans for the New Year. I have a few new projects underway that I am quite looking forward to, but I also know that January is already shaping up as a very busy month at work. So I'll be doing that tug-a-war thing where I want to do something but never seem to get to it - could be frustrating for the first month of 2008.
I hope your plans for the New Year are exciting and happy ones
and that each of us can reach our goals in 2008.
'til next time,

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