Saturday, 26 January 2008

Idling the hours away . . .

Having been stuck in bed for the past three days, I've had the wonderful challenge of entertaining myself - without my sewing machine!

Thank goodness the lap top is working fine now, and I was able to educate myself on digital scrapbooking . . . I know that anyone who has been reading my blog from the beginning will recognize some of these photos that were taken for my Photography Classes. Now I have taken them that one step further and placed them into actual "pages".

Let me know what you think . . . I want some honest opinions here! We are supposed to be having a photography show in February and I thought that displaying them like this would be much more interesting than just a little photo stuck on a page.

All of the pages shown are made using free digital scrapbooking pages and embellishments that I have found and collected from the internet. I have not bought any of the details that are shown in the layouts - how frugal is that???!!!?? My husband advises me that some of the pictures need to be bigger and I'll work on that prior to the photo show - but wow, can I ever see a difference from the first page I made to the final ones. It really is amazing how you can learn a computer program just by doing small bits of things and gradually branching out into more and more. I took a PhotoShop class at the local community college and I didn't learn as much there as what I have learned from one magazine and different little tutorials (which are also free!) off the internet.

Anyone who is looking for a new hobby or looking to put in some time laying around recuperating from surgery - this is the way to do it.

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