Sunday, 21 December 2008

Getting Ready for a Snowy Christmas!

Everywhere you look it is certainly looking like Christmas.

I forgot to show you these little mittens that Chrisy had stitched as part of her present exchange at the Brandon Peace by Piece Christmas pot-luck and exchange. They were the cutest little gift tags I've seen in a while. That white stitching and crocheted topper were adorable and I'll be trying to figure out how to make my own for next year!

This is the latest snowfall we've had. My poor little outdoor kitty is almost disappearing!

Those little eyes look like they're pleading to just let him come in. Where's his tail, anyway? Might have to go brush him off before it snows again, otherwise I won't be seeing him 'til Spring.

Even though I am still working on Christmas presents at this late date, I did take some time out to get started on this BOM.

Nothing is sewn down yet, but all the pieces are ready and rarin' to go.

The pattern was missing for the leaves and the leaf centres so I had to make those up . . . I think they turned out just fine. I'm hoping to get these sewn down in the early mornings between Christmas and New Year's, then I'll have a finished block for the New Year.

I better get back to some machine quilting that I've got going on . . . or all the Christmas presents won't be ready.

'til next time,



Annette said...

Hi Marlene,
It's been interesting viewing all the snow pictures on people's blogs. As I'm from Australia we are in the midst of summer so we have a 36 degree day today!! Looks like Christmas Day is going to be nice and mild with around 25 degrees. Hope you get all your presents finished and enjoy all the festivities.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Love the mittens they are darling...
Kitty does look like he was pleading...I had to look at the larger picture to recognize he wasn't real...those little pictures are so realistic...(it also might just be're the first read of the day and I have yet to have my coffee)
Love the new project...summer will be upon us in no time.

MYRA said...

Your BOM is looking great! 8-)