Wednesday, 10 December 2008

It's Finally Finished . . .

. . . and will be hitting the postal system very shortly!

I love this little quilt . . . it is the perfect size to snuggle up with on the sofa; it is all made with buttery soft flannel; it's not just a Christmas quilt, but an all round Winter-type of quilt; it's cheerful and the colors are great! What more can I say? I Love This Quilt.

BUT . . . I also love my Dad and this is where this quilt is going. I know he'll like it for keeping his toes warm this Winter while he's reading or watching movies.

The little buttons and the raggy trees add to the whole project and the appliqued borders give it a lot more movement and detail than just plain old strips. I machine quilted it all over except over the trees and snowmen . . . wasn't too sure whether I should go over these or not, but eventually decided not to.

A lot of the fabric was leftover from my MIL's Christmas quilt last year, although I did have to purchase some extra for the borders - but it was off-season and on sale. I still have some pieces left but not enough to make myself a quilt like this one. Maybe another year I'll watch for fabric similar to this and make myself one.

Trouble with that is that the cats must be able to smell flannel because they always seem to be curled up on a piece of it - imagine if they had a whole quilt to themselves. Ha! Maybe I should use the remaining scraps and make a cat quilt gift for under the tree - I'll have to ponder that and see how much time I have left before the big day.

I'm not sure what type of expression you would say this guy has on his face . . . but he's making me smile!

'til next time,



Quilter Going Bananas said...

Well done Marlene! Your Dad will absolutely love it; what a great quilt to snuggle under on a night like tonight....cold and snowy

Vicki W said...

That quilt is adorable!

Fer said...

Your Dad is one lucky dude. That's a Christmas quilt to be proud of!! :o)

MYRA said...

Great job Marlene! I'm sure your dad will be toasty warm under this quilt come January/February... 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Karen said...

Very cute!