Tuesday, 9 December 2008

'Tis The Season . . .

Last night was the Brandon Piece by Peace quilt group's Christmas potluck supper, gift exchange, place mat donation night and a general fun get-together. Supper was delicious as always and a very difficult game about candies was attempted - guess some of us didn't put on our thinking caps before we got there . . . very tough puzzles!
Everyone received this little survival kit - very nicely put together and very much appreciated! Especially that band aid, maybe :o)

I believe I heard someone say that there were 70 place mats handed in and another 10 or more that were yet to come. There are somewhere between 21 - 24 members so obviously some people made more than the suggested two - what a wonderful, colorful collection of place mats.

There was every color imaginable, in just about every shape and size also. I know the Meals on Wheels recipients will appreciate this little added color with their Christmas suppers.

Then it was the gift exchange! Always interesting and never disappointing. The rules have changed over the years that I've been a member - now the dollar limit is $20.00 and the gift/gifts must be quilting or sewing related, handcrafted or purchased.

The gift I brought home was FABRIC!!!!
Look at those beautiful colors . . . all from one of the Benartex fabric lines, all nicely coordinated. Can't wait to cut into these . . . hopefully sooner than later. They all came arranged in a very heavy square glass vase so now I'll have to get some fresh flowers for the Christmas table so that I can show it off.
I have another Christmas party to go to this Friday - not quilt related though. Will it be as much fun . . . we'll see . . .
'til next time,


Vicki W said...

That line of fabrics that you won are beautiful! I made a quilt from some of those and it's still one of my favorites!

Paula said...

What a great idea, placemats for meals on wheels! Love it. I know any little bit of thoughtfulness is always appreciated!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Looks like a good time was had by all last night. Love the fabrics you got!

MYRA said...

What a wonderful evening it sounds like you all had!!! Lots of goodies, placemats, food, and company!!! What more would a quilter want!?! 8-)
You've got wonderful fabrics there!
Happy stitchings!

Fer said...

The placemats are a lovely idea, and much appreciated I'll bet!

Lucky you with the fabrics you received! Nice Christmassy colours, and a great idea to present them in a vase. :o)

Annette said...

What a lovely present, all those fabrics and a new vase. I will look forward to see what you make with them.