Monday, 29 December 2008

I Almost Made It . . .

. . . but not quite!

I started this little stitchery piece a few days before Christmas and this is as far as I got before the big day. The frame has now been purchased (Boxing Day 1/2 price sales!) and the stitching is done, so this little piece will be all ready for next year. Nothing like those last minute "wanna do's" - I'll never learn :~)

Ah, but these little cuties were all ready for the holidays this year.

Last year they were just in the preliminary planning stages of pattern design, so it's nice to have them all out and about now. I think there were six of them sitting in the greenery that was draped around a couple of windows - they sure added that little touch of color.

Santa was exceptionally good to all of us this year, but especially to Mysty and Shadow. They each received their very own flannel quilt and Shadow is trying to show you in the picture just how nice and toasty warm her new heated bed is (click on the photo to enlarge). Can you see the joy in her eyes there? No, I don't imagine you can . . . she is all wrapped up in heated rapture and she just can't pry those eyes open.
She is the cat in our house that just can't seem to keep warm . . . she somehow hears the furnace start even though she is deaf (must be the vibrations or something) and then she parks her belly directly over the register. Sometimes you walk by her and she looks like she's fallen sideways off the register from shear heat exhaustion. Can't be good for her, so I went shopping and found her this new bed with it's very own pet therapeutic heating pad built in. The brown part you see is the bed and then there is her new quilt and then her and on top of it all I placed another quilt so that it created a nice little tent area for her. She looks happy!

And before Christmas 2008 is all over and done with, I was wondering if anyone knew how old this particular Santa is? His head is kinda like a bobble head thing and his Santa sack has a place to put a Christmas greenery arrangement. It's been part of our Christmas decorating for quite some time, but did not originate from my family, so I'm not sure how old he is - does anyone out there have one just like him?
'til next time,


Anne said...

What a lucky kitty. I better not let Jack see that or I'll have to make him one too. Although, he thinks every quilt is his! Be sure and post a picture of the stitchery once you get it framed. It looks darling. Sorry, can't help you with the bobble head Santa.

MYRA said...

No clue about your Santa.
Kitty looks nice and toasty! Lucky kitty... 8-)
Stitchery looking good!

Anonymous said...

Shadow is very lucky to have you. She looks very content indeed.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

You can now brag you've got one finished project for Christmas/09!

Your kitty looks very comfy.
Can't help you with the Santa either.

Happy New Year!

Suzanne said...

Love your 'Snowman' and 'Bear'! Are these your own designs? I looked on your website, but didn't see them.

amandajean said...

your embroidery is so pretty! i love it.