Friday, 5 December 2008

Summer Baskets and Santas

I'm so thrilled!

Block #1 of the The Quilt Patch Summer Baskets BMO showed up in yesterday's mail. Part of the block is cottons and the rest is wool . . . and what pretty colors they all are. I can't wait to get started on this little beauty.

I am finally finished all of my Santa placemats. As I've mentioned in previous posts, the Brandon quilt group decided to make Christmas placemats for the Meals On Wheels program and donate them so that they could be circulated during the holidays to folks that use the program. Every member was to make two.

Well I got carried away and did a little too much thinking about this - obviously! My dilemma was that I'm not from Brandon and maybe people in my community would also appreciate some Christmas cheer by way of a little placemat.

So, I did some research and sure enough there were a few people that use the Meals On Wheels program in Wawanesa, so I got busy. After many little pieces of fabric, some sewing and machine quilting, some binding (a lot!) and finally some little tinkly bells . . . these are now ready to be delivered tonight.

The Brandon placemats will be delivered to the group on Monday night when we have our Christmas pot luck and get together.

I do believe I can now leave the placemat fiasco behind me and move on to another unfinished project - my Dad's Christmas quilt binding is still waiting for me as are a multitude of other things.

Maybe the Summer Baskets block will have to wait a week or so before I can work it into my schedule . . .

I can't remember whether I mentioned the Crazy Mom Quilts blog before or not, but go have a peek at what she has going on. Check out the little doll quilt, pillows and pillowcases - they are so adorable! Anyone with little girls on their Christmas list should make a set of these. Also check out her archives . . . there's a ton of inspiration there.

Have a great weekend.

'til next time,



Joyce said...

My Dad used Meals on Wheels the last few years of his life and he would have loved one of those place mats. I think the little chat with the delivery people was almost as important as the food.

MYRA said...

Lovely BOM block! I shall enjoy watching these come together! 8-)
Your place-mats turned out wonderful! They surely will bring big smiles to those that receive them! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Danielle said...

Your placemats are great! Thanks for sharing.

Patchmaker said...

Oooh Marlene, I love your placemats! They's be a huge hit!