Friday, 21 November 2008

Aussie Giveaways and Questionable Politics

All of you visitors from Australia need to stop over at That's Graphic to enter for this Christmas giveaway. Look at all these wonderful goodies! Get your name in there for a chance - and good luck.

While you're there (Australian or otherwise!) check out the free Christmas graphics that are so generously being offered for the Season. This is one of the beautiful creations . . .

Isn't this yummy gorgeous? So very, very pretty! I would love this image on my 2008 Christmas cards . . . so over-the-top delicious!!
AND, unfortunately, on that note . . . I'll be taking myself off for four or five days. I'll be off to the wonderful land of municipal government convention politics. Yup . . . I'm heading to the big "Peg" for a little ridiculous political upgrade - I'd so rather be quilting, that I find it hard to get all thrilled and excited about infrastructure and health care. I know those topics are extremely critical to the well-being of any country . . . but I'm not a country! I know that what I learn I will be able to bring back and provide a better service to my ratepayers - (just in case any are watching!) My problem is with politicians and unfortunately without sufficient education and experience there are many that are leading in areas that they have no right to even consider leading.

So . . . on that same note, I will head out to be completely educated on issues of great importance . . . and the ones that should be going to be educated stay behind in the belief that they know all and there is nothing new to learn.

AND . . . while I'm there, I will spend my evenings with my children and maybe, just maybe a special book store and also try and squeeze in a trip to a favorite quilt shop. It's always good if you can turn a difficult journey into one of enlightenment and inspiration. That is what I will strive for this coming week . . . wish me luck?

And if you're really lucky, I'll try and remember to take a picture of the convention room - just so you can see all the excitement that I'll be dealing with. Stay tuned!

'til next time,


Oh! P.S. I'll also be checking in to find out how certain retreats and charm mystery thingies are going . . . I'm still watching. Anyone up for a Starbucks??



Patchmaker said...

Sounds like a trip to McNally Robinson is in your future, or maybe Copperfields. I'm soooo jealous; those used to be my Peg favorites!


MYRA said...

Are you still in the Peg Marlene? Gosh I wish I would have seen this post sooner! After our retreat I was soooooo tired, and am just in the process of catching up on my blogging friends!!!
If you are still around it would be nice to do a coffee with you!!! Quilter Going Bananas may even join it!!!