Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Scrap Happy . . .

So . . . my husband says to my last night, "What kind of quilt are going to make out of these?"

That comment did deserve a slap and a bit of a laugh . . . but, really, he's not all that far off! We do sew together some pretty small pieces to make our wonderful creations, don't we?

Just not this small . . . that would be ridiculous - wouldn't it?

Those scraps are the trimmings from all of my blue half-square triangles. What a lot of trimming, I might add! My fingers cannot take all that work all at one time, so it was a task that was drawn out into four or five days, just whenever the mood struck me.

This is going to be a very nice blue, scrappy quilt . . . the tones are my kind of tones.
Applique? Maybe . . . we will see down the road.
In the meantime, it is now time to sew all those little triangles into 3" squares and then once that is done, a bit more of this, and maybe some of that, will be added on.

Of course now my sewing room is a complete mess again! I noticed this stack of fabric thrown haphazardly over some of my favorite books.

The titles are almost as eclectic as my fabric choices lately. There's a bit of Mary Engelbriet, business card design, a book on RED, and even an elementary school reading book which has wonderful old pictures that were just made to inspire.
Whether it's scraps of fabric or scrappy books, there are so many things in our days that we keep close by for comfort and inspiration. Take a look around your work area . . . what do you see?
'til next time,

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