Friday, 14 November 2008

Pretty Mornings and Happy Fabric

Last night brought some more snow . . . but first it rained . . .

. . . and then the snow stuck.

Of course I head to work before the sun has a chance to even warm up, so I have nice overcast, blue pictures to show everyone the beautiful snow covered scenery.

I know there is a setting on the camera (somewhere!) that could help eliminate some of the blue . . . but it's cold standing out there taking photos and I was in a hurry. My photography teacher would be appalled and very disappointed in my skills - or lack there of! (Sorry - Lloyd).

Bad photography or not . . . this is very happy fabric.

I love this print - it is so very cheerful, don't you think?

Another monthly shipment just arrived from the Fat Quarter Shop and it's just the thing needed to put a little warmth into this cool, damp start to Winter 2008.

This collection is called "Recipe For Friendship" by Mary Engelbreit for Moda (of course!).

Plus I have officially given up on my resolution not to order anymore fabrics from the U.S. I received an email yesterday that all (or almost all) the fabric at The Fabric Depot is 35% off until tomorrow sometime. Stop by and have a look . . . I think even with the exchange rate it still works out cheaper than around here - that is if we could even find fabric like this around here. Happy shopping - I sure did!

'til next time,


Quilter Going Bananas said...

I got mine in the mail too but I haven't taken the fqs out of the package yet, LOL! Enjoy your fqs, I plan to as well.......

Fer said...

The snow looks wonderful, and I like the blue in the photo - helps to convey a sense of the quiet and calm.

Then we come inside and POW! fun fabrics!


MYRA said...

I must admit that the snow looks pretty with the sun shining off it today... full of sparkle. 8-)
I await to see what comes of those fat quarters... 8-)